About Ilse van de Groep


Ilse H. van de Groep is a researcher in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Amsterdam UMC. Her research interests include antisocial behavior, brain development, self-concept, social learning, and aggression regulation.

She is currently working on her PhD project (since 2018), examining several mechanisms that underlie distinct developmental trajectories of social and antisocial behavior in emerging adulthood, with a specific focus on the neural correlates of self-concept, vicarious reward learning, and impulse control. She is supervised by Eveline Crone, Marieke Bos, Arne Popma and Lucres Nauta-Jansen.

I want to understand why people behave the way they do – especially if they display behavior that is in disregard of others. Where does this antisocial behavior come from, and how does it develop over time? To answer these questions, I conduct research that is characterized by multiple levels of explanation (e.g. behavioral, neural) and the use of several complementary techniques (MRI, computer tasks, questionnaires).

Throughout my current and past research experiences, I have uncovered that I am particularly passionate about finding mechanistic explanations for complex social behavior. I also greatly enjoy the most creative aspects of doing research (e.g. designing studies, writing code, scientific writing). Moreover, I like to use my creative skills to share the newly acquired knowledge with a wider audience (e.g. blogging, workshops) or to create platforms and supporting media to enable this (e.g. building websites, graphic design, photography).