Master of Science, Social and Health Psychology (Research)
Utrecht University, Utrecht

  • Master thesis: “The role of motor prediction in the perceptual selection of
    sensory effects: a binocular rivalry study”.
  • Supervisors: Myrthel Dogge, Prof. Dr. Henk Aarts

2014- 2015

Young Innovators League (Honours program graduate level)
Utrecht University, Utrecht

  • The Young Innovators League is an honours course at graduate level,
    focused on learning to research, design and deliver innovative and
    sustainable solutions to real life societal challenges.
  • Project: The potential of big data in solving Utrecht’s bike theft problem.
  • Summer school: Behavioral Economics and psychology

2011- 2014

Bachelor of Science, Social Psychology – Cum laude, with honours program certificate
Utrecht University, Utrecht

  • Bachelor thesis: “Switch or lose: The effect of anterior hemispheric
    asymmetry and baseline dopamine levels on choking under
    pressure”. Published here.
  • Supervisor: Dr. Erik Bijleveld.
  • As part of the honours program “Von Humboldt College”, I took
    several extracurricular courses which aimed to deepen and
    expand the knowledge I accumulated during the regular bachelor
    program. I also worked on an extended research / thesis project
    (e.g. conducting several pilot studies).
  • Minor Social Neuroscience


Atheneum, profiles “Economics and Society” and “Culture and Society”.
Christelijk College Nassau Veluwe, Harderwijk