Hi, I'm Ilse van de Groep, PhD candidate in Psychology & Neuroscience.

I want to understand why people behave the way they do – especially if they display behavior that is in disregard of others. Where does this antisocial behavior come from, and how does it develop over time? To answer these questions, I conduct research that is characterized by multiple levels of explanation (e.g. behavioral, neural) and the use of several complementary techniques (MRI, computer tasks, questionnaires). Throughout my current and past research experiences, I have uncovered that I am particularly passionate about finding mechanistic explanations for complex social behavior. I also greatly enjoy the most creative aspects of doing research (e.g. designing studies, writing code, scientific writing). Moreover, I like to use my creative skills to share the newly acquired knowledge with a wider audience (e.g. blogging, workshops) or to create platforms and supporting media to enable this (e.g. building websites, graphic design, photography).

What I Do

Scientific Research

I have a passion for acquiring and advancing knowledge about complex (anti-)social behavior, the brain, and mental health issues. I am particularly interested in maladaptive social behavior (e.g. aggression), and the psychological and neural mechanisms that give rise to such behavior.

Data Visualization

One of my favorite aspects of data analysis and communicating my scientific findings is data visualization. I love creating beautiful graphs that convey complex information in a fast and simple way.

Science Communication

While I greatly enjoy doing research, I am also very passionate about communicating findings to a broader audience. I use different types of media, characterized by a clear and appealing design, to help others understand and benefit from scientific knowlegde.

Organization & Project Management

I can effectively coordinate (research-) projects from start to finish, combining organizational, problem-solving and technical skills. I work in a structured manner, with attention to details. I greatly value listening to and observing others, and creating an environment of trust and support.

Publications & Outreach

Blog Posts